Saturday, February 4, 2023



How Euphoria can become a lasting cultural phenomenon

This article is not going to be a think piece about whether the show was glamorizing drugs, or how far can the producers stretch the impact of visuals before they must open the writer room. What it attempted to do, is explain how Euphoria became a cultural phenomenon while many other recent shows have struggled to do so.


Spring break: 1 year later

In March 2020, the world was blindsided by COVID-19, causing a long, painful pandemic. This resulted in drastic changes last spring, which included the sudden change to online format and the cancellation of spring break. 


Alicia Olatuja previews upcoming Wharton performance

When Alicia Olatuja was pursuing her master’s degree in Classical Voice/Opera at the Manhattan School of Music, she noticed almost all of the composers she studied were men. When she started to ask where all the female composers were, her professors shrugged off the question.  


The fight against book banning at MSU

A ‘banned book’ is a book that has been removed from a library or educational institution because they are deemed too controversial or inappropriate to read. Some MSU professors and librarians are passionate about getting these books into students hands. 


Today's controversy: Joe Rogan's polarizing podcast

Twitter is not sure how to feel about Joe Rogan and the accusations of his podcast spreading misinformation. Neither is Spotify, not providing guidance on how or if Rogan should be silenced or continue on the path he is on. Students of MSU explore each side of the argument. 


Drama Update: Kanye's chaotic social media presence

If you haven't seen an Instagram story flooded with a personal meme or message Kanye West has posted recently, you would be one of the few. West is publicly spiraling about his divorce, allowing for the whole internet to participate and take a side between some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities.