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ASMSU elects new vice presidents of governmental affairs, internal administration, student allocations

April 12, 2024
<p>Student representatives at an ASMSU meeting rat the International Center on Jan. 18, 2024.</p>

Student representatives at an ASMSU meeting rat the International Center on Jan. 18, 2024.

Political science junior Josie Danielkiewicz was elected to be the next vice president of governmental affairs of the Associated Students of Michigan State University, or ASMSU, during the 61st general assembly elections

During the 60th general assembly, Danielkiewicz served as the Women*s Council representative

Prior to the vote, Danielkiewicz explained what she hopes to contribute if elected

“I will keep a close eye on current events on the local, state, and federal levels of government in an effort to determine which policies will affect the MSU students," Danielkiewicz said. “I will also aim to speak with a variety of elected officials to advocate for what students on campus want and need.”

Danielkiewicz told the general assembly that she is here to serve them and provide help when needed.

In ASMSU, like any other governing body, there will be controversy and there will be disagreement, Danielkiewicz said. Because of this, Danielkiewicz preached the importance of kindness, and hopes that she can guide the 61st session to be as productive in this as they can

“Above all else, I hope to be of support to everyone,” Danielkiewicz said. “I want to be a listening ear to students across the campus space while helping them and empowering them to make changes.”

Danielkiewicz was voted in and took her new seat as vice president of governmental affairs.

Next came the vote of vice president of internal administration, in which the general assembly elected political science sophomore Kathryn Harding.

Harding previously served as the ASMSU Health, Safety and Wellness Director

Harding also received praise during the public comments portion of the meeting

“I believe that Kathryn Harding is an amazing and perfectly qualified candidate for the VPIA position,” international relations senior Kristina Drabczyk said. “Behind her passion for ASMSU, Kathryn is polite, well mannered, easy to talk to, and understanding in all situations. Her drive and ability to work hard in all aspects is admirable and a perfect testament to her character.”

Prior to the vote, Harding gave a speech to the general assembly in which she said she believes there needs to be both appreciation and skepticism within ASMSU.

“First, I plan to ensure that each member of ASMSU is supported and encouraged to take care of themselves,” Harding said. “As VPIA I will also work to expand class council engagement and retention.”

One problem that Harding said she saw in the 60th session was students sacrificing their own well-being for their work. She believes that in student government, representatives must take care of themselves first, then take care of their constituents.

Harding said that if elected, she can help the 61st session accomplish this. 

Harding also believes that with more attention toward the class councils, there will be more student engagement with ASMSU. She plans to recruit more members of “all class standings” while offering support. 

By doing this, Harding said she believes ASMSU can be more connected with the university

“I plan to empower and encourage representatives to serve their constituents the best that they can,” Harding said. “My time in ASMSU has prepared me to be successful as VPIA, and I’m more than ready to rise to the challenges that it’ll present me with.” 

After Harding was elected, the final election took place. The position was vice president for student allocations, which the general assembly elected supply chain sophomore Mohsin Mohammed to serve as. 

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During the 60th general assembly, Mohammed served in ASMSU as advised chair under the student allocations board

During Mohammed's speech, he said he was running to provide and create transparency, equity and visibility for ASMSU

“We must establish equity when it comes to funding to groups on campus that we don’t see enough of, increase student visibility in our student body when it comes to uplifting students who may be different from us, and ensure transparency throughout all CORES and COPS groups," Mohammed said. 

To do this, Mohammed said communication must be at the forefront of the allocations department

Mohammed also wants to expand on ASMSU’s current funding model by moving away from reimbursements and instead paying different organizations directly.

Lastly, Mohammed wants to set up meetings with different represented organizations as soon as he's in office to figure out how he and the allocations department can best support them

“While all of this is certainly challenging, I believe that I am capable and equipped with the skill needed to excel in this position,” Mohammed said. “My professional experiences also play a role in my development and allow me to take on this role with the best possible skill sets needed to get the job done well.”

The assembly elected Mohammed to be its next vice president for student allocations

When the gavel struck, the general assembly elections concluded with all six spots filled

To conclude the meeting, now-former President Emily Hoyumpa read aloud the ASMSU oath as the 61st Office of the President was sworn in, completing the election process


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