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DTN, as expected, withdraws from Park District after parking lot sale denied

November 5, 2014

DTN Management Co., once the potential developer of East Lansing's Park District project, has withdrawn its proposal for the development of the portion of downtown East Lansing. 

DTN's plan was subject to evaluation and approval if the ballot proposal that would have allowed East Lansing to sell three city-owned parking lots downtown was approved. The proposal failed to pass on Tuesday.

In a press release, East Lansing City Manager George Lahanas thanked DTN's efforts to create a plan to redevelop and revitalize downtown East Lansing. 

"They were committed to investing in and transforming the west end of downtown East Lansing, while working to create a project consistent with the community’s vision," Lahanas said in a press release.

Lahanas said that although the majority of the voters favored the proposal, it was difficult to approve a measure that required a certain amount of voters to pass — the 51 percent does not apply in the city's charter requirement. 

The proposal, that had the support of East Lansing mayor Nathan Triplett and East Lansing City Council, needed a minimum of 60 percent approval from voters in order to pass. Only 4,858 residents voted yes on the ballot — 56.58 percent of the votes. 

East Lansing Planning, Building and Development Director Tim Dempsey said the next step for the city is to evaluate what would happen with the properties owned by the Downtown Development Authority. 

Two of the five buildings in the Park District, which were planned to be built by Park District Investment Group on privately-owned land, will still move forward.


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