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Spartan Remix brings fun to campus

September 6, 2012
Photo by Robert Bondy | The State News

Loud music, laughing and dancing made up the scene of the fifth annual Spartan Remix on Thursday evening at Auditorium Field.

The Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions, or OCAT, hosted the event free of charge and open not only to the MSU student body, but all citizens of East Lansing.

“Spartan Remix is a welcome event that focuses on culture and bringing diverse communities together,” said Lauren McGrier, leader of public relations for Spartan Remix.

McGrier summed up the point of Spartan Remix, but that only is the tip of the iceberg for this event.

The goal of Spartan Remix was to unite the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students, or CORES , and the Council of Progressive Students, or COPS, for a fun, educational night celebrating the many different cultures that make up MSU.

“The greatest thing we offer is connectivity,” McGrier said. “People can learn about other cultures that they may know nothing about.”

The evening united numerous different cultural groups, including the Asian Pacific American Student Organization, the Black Student Alliance, Culturas de las Razas Unidas and North American Indigenous Student Organization, as well as the Campus Interfaith Council, the International Student Association and the Coalition of LGBT Students.

Some of the event’s attractions included live entertainment, free food and Bubble Island tea, as well as a raffle.

“This year’s theme, ‘What’s your ink?’ allows for self-expression through tattoo art,” McGrier said. “Since many people can relate to body art and tattooing, we thought this was a great way to connect everyone.”

The planning for Spartan Remix took a team effort from CORES and COPS starting last year during the spring semester.

Spartan Remix is continuously growing from year to year, but Spartan Remix Public Relations member Egypt Eaddy said interest in the event seemed high.

“This year will be way more popular than other years,” Eaddy said before the event commenced.
“We’re hoping to get 500 to 1000 to come.”

For premedical freshman Lee Williamson, he said he will be back next year.

“I would come back to be around new people and have some fun,” Williamson said.

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