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Column: Forever the Sickest Kids show intrigues

August 12, 2012

Forever the Sickest Kids is a band name you most likely haven’t heard in awhile.

The Dallas-based pop-punk band first became a widely popular musical group in 2008 after the release of its debut studio album, “Underdog Alma Mater.”

After the hype from the album that put the band on the map died down, even though Forever the Sickest Kids continued to put out albums and perform, the group’s fame diminished significantly.

But I never stopped listening. I have been obsessed with the group’s feel-good lyrics and upbeat melodies. So when I saw an announcement that Lansing would be added to the group’s One Direction tour, I was ecstatic and purchased my ticket as soon as possible.

Forever the Sickest Kids performed Saturday at The Loft, 414 E. Michigan Ave., in Lansing, along with four openers — electro act Ashland High, pop-rock group Paradise Fears, pop-punk band At Long Last and power-pop act Eyes On The Sky.

Normally, I attend these sorts of performances as a journalist covering the event and talking to attendees about how much they liked or disliked the time spent at the show.

But this time was different. I left my notebook and pen at home and came prepared to enjoy the show as a spectator and die-hard Forever the Sickest Kids fan.

After the openers finished their sets and I stood in the dimly lit venue surrounded by an exhilarated sea of other Forever the Sickest Kids fans, I beamed with joy as the band members took the stage.

Members of Forever the Sickest Kids create music that makes me feel happy when I listen to it. The group’s songs have catchy hooks that make you want to dance and lyrics you want to sing along. After seeing them play live, I can say they put on a great show as well.

Throughout the night, band members played a mix of songs, and they never let their energy level dwindle.

I was pleased to hear a number of tunes from my favorite album, “Underdog Alma Mater,” including “Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone),” “Hey Brittany” and ”Believe Me, I’m Lying.”

Although I much prefer the numbers on Forever the Sickest Kids’ first CD, I appreciated listening to some of the band’s newer songs from its 2011 self-titled studio album, including “Keep On Bringing Me Down,” which was one of my favorites.

After finishing their set, band members received an overwhelming amount of applause from their starstruck fans wanting to hear just a few more songs. After letting the crowd’s energy build for just a few minutes, the group returned to the stage for an encore and performed a pair of songs from “Underdog Alma Mater.”

After finally seeing Forever the Sickest Kids perform live — something I’ve been wanting to do for years — I have a stronger appreciation for the group, and I will continue listening to its music and reminiscing on this truly memorable experience.

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