Monday, May 20, 2024

Izzone ticket fiasco handled poorly by SAF, Izzone directors

Dear Student Alumni Foundation and Izzone directors:

I understand that it was the ticket-selling company that screwed up the distribution of the MSU Final Four tickets initially, but I and a great many other perturbed Izzone faithful demand an apology for the bungling of the entire situation.

Bad link after bad link for purchasing tickets were sent out, and never a word of explanation as to what was going on to all those who sat feverishly in front of their monitors, refreshing inboxes and Web pages as fast as possible for more than an hour and a half.

What should have been done?

The entire system should have been shut down and the ticket-purchasing process delayed another day. A fresh start, done right, with fairness.

What did happen? Either people with friends in the SAF got phone calls from their informed buddies, or someone randomly tried the link after an hour and 45 minutes of inactivity, found it working, and told their friends.

No matter how you look at it, ticket distribution was determined by social networks rather than attendance in the Izzone, arrival time for the Izzone or anything more worthy.

Even a raffle would have been far better than the disgraceful handling of the bad link situation.

For shame.

Matthew Plomp

Izzone member, fisheries and wildlife sophomore

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