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SN style: Senior's 'snappy casual' look works for day, night

November 20, 2008

Communication and public relations senior Megan Wigley enjoys pieces that stand out, like her pair of boots. “My mom inspires my style,” she said, “Beyoncé inspires my flair.”

Photo by Nichole Hoerner | The State News

Communication and public relations senior Megan Wigley stopped The State News in its tracks with her famous silver boots.

Wigley talks about her bold style and gives us some tips on how to create the perfect snappy, business casual outfit.

The State News: How would you describe your style?

Megan Wigley: I’ve considered my style as being very diva-ish, very trendy. Sometimes I can incorporate my own personality into it — although it could be a trend that’s black and white, I’ll put black and white and pink together.

So I’ll say it’s a little bit of a mixture of being trendy, but yet having my own personality and style incorporated into it.

SN: What are some of your signature pieces?

MG: I would say my signature pieces are my shoes, most definitely my silver boots. If anyone hasn’t seen them on campus, I wear them, like, every day.

Another signature would be my coats. I love coats. I have furry coats, I have plaid coats, so I love this time of year because it gives me the opportunity to express myself and who I am through clothing.

SN: Where do you get inspiration for your style?

MG: I would say it’s a mixture. My mom, she created a monster, and I would say that I like different celebrities. I like, of course, Beyoncé. She’s my favorite.

SN: What do you like about Beyoncé?

MG: Well for one, I look at hair. I love when she wears her poofy hair. I love when she wears low-waisted jeans and high, high heels. It just gives you a subtle but sexy and classy look. I would say that in spring time and summer time I try to imitate her jeans, heels and tank top looks.

SN: How does your daytime look differ from your nighttime look?

MG: Well, see the difference is I go by events. Usually I work in the (Business College Complex) so I usually wear snappy casual all the time. It’s quite funny because they consider me to be very trendy as well — even though I wear slacks, a really cute blouse shirt with some heels, that’s what I mainly wear. When I go to class I usually wear my leggings and boots and my MSU shirt. During the night it becomes more of a snappy business casual. I wear my jeans, a really cute business top and some heels if I’m going out.

SN: What is snappy casual? Did you make it up?

MG: I heard this trend, snappy business casual, but my friend and I, we came up with the name snappy casual. You wear something that’s different, you wear something that’s exciting and you wear something that’s eye-catching as well.

SN: How has your style changed since you’ve been in college?

MG: I would say that it has actually toned down a little bit. When I was a freshman, I used to wear heels and jeans to school. I’d wear heels and jeans to class, I’d wear heels and jeans to the cafeteria. As I become a little bit older and have a little more on my plate, I still keep it cute and trendy, but I don’t wear heels as much as I did back when I was a freshman and sophomore.

SN: Do you have any advice to give someone who is trying to change up their style?

MG: Presentation is everything. Fashion is a part of who you are. Be fun, be you, be creative.

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Although you may see someone who has on the popular look, if that’s not you, then don’t do it. Don’t let the clothes make you, you make the clothes.


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