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Bad behavior fault of stadium guests

November 12, 2003

As a Department of Police and Public Safety employee working security at the MSU-University of Michigan game, I find Valerie Fournier's letter "'U', police should communicate more" personally offensive and full of false statements.

First, to "someone who has been to every home football game for the past three years," Fournier — and other Spartan football veterans — should know better than to bring prohibited items into the stadium (which includes larger purses).

Not only is it posted on, outside the stadium and broadcast on local TV, there also were security personnel warning patrons before they got to the gates.

Oddly enough, I saw many women with huge bags completely empty.

Secondly, even with enough security officers, it's extremely hard to stop several hundred belligerent college students from rushing the gates.

If students and others had not brought alcohol and were not unruly at the gates, the police officers would not have to write any tickets, and thus, there would be no back up.

If anything, Fournier, you should be disappointed in the disorderly behavior of your fellow Spartans, not DPPS.

Cathy Rybka
criminal justice sophomore


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