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MIDDAY UPDATE: Campus reacts to firing of Williams

November 5, 2002

After Monday’s announcement that Bobby Williams will no longer be MSU’s head football coach, students and trustees are making their feelings known.

MSU Trustee Joel Ferguson released a statement following the announcement that said he felt Williams was not given a fair opportunity to build a program.

Ferguson, who is the only black member of the Board of Trustees, cited the two coaches who preceded Williams, George Perles and Nick Saban, were given at least four years to develop a program.

Following the firing of Williams there are now only three black coaches in Division I-A football.

The Black Student Alliance will hold a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the Multicultural Center in the basement of the Union to discuss the matter.

Despite Williams’ firing and recent controversy, fans still are sticking by their team.

“We’re going to still be a football section,” said Joe Mesher, co-director of Bobby’s World, now called the “Spartan Football Spirit Section.”

“We still have a lot of students who are still into the section and want to be a part of a section. We have a new coach. It’s been a bit of a disappointment, some of the things that have happened. Some of the players have made some mistakes and used poor judgment, but our section is still strong.”


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