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Jolie learns lesson in living in Life or Something Like It

April 26, 2002

I‘m surprising myself a little bit here, but I‘m going to place my money on “Life or Something Like It” as the best-possible new movie of the week. You‘ll notice I didn‘t say it was going to be great. I just said it was going to be the best new movie.

The reason I‘m going to choose it is Edward Burns. I can‘t help it, I like and trust the guy. For every “15 Minutes,” There‘s a “She‘s the One.”

As for Angelina Jolie, well, her track record ain‘t so good. But, I‘m going to trust her on this too. A woman that crazy(she does, in fact, have a vial of husband Billy Bob Thornton’s blood hanging on her when she’s not on camera) has got to be right once in a while.

Jolie plays a prominent Seattle newscaster who could double as a weather girl, what with her nose in the air all the time. She decides to change her life when a fortune-telling hobo informs her she‘s going to die. Of course, she just wanted to know if she was going to get the new, high-profile anchorwoman job at the station she wanted, or maybe just the weather or sports scores.

Burns plays Jolie‘s cameraman, a likable guy you just know is going to end up banging Jolie by the end up of the flick. He helps her get her life on track and teaches her how to live life to the fullest, enjoying every second.

Especially when he‘s with her, if you know what I‘m saying. Besides, Tony Shalhoub is in it, and he‘s always good, even in crap like “Thirteen Ghosts.” Romantic comedy, here I come.


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