Thursday, February 9, 2023

ASMSU calls for Tax Credit repeal; hopes for student rebate

September 6, 2001

ASMSU Academic Assembly passed a bill Tuesday that could help give students at MSU and other Michigan public universities some money back.

The bill supports the repeal of the Tuition Tax Credit, which would move money associated with it to the higher education budget. The repeal would mean a 3 percent, instead of a 1.5 percent, increase in state appropriations for all Michigan public universities.

If that happens, the MSU Board of Trustees has pledged to reduce the recent 8.9 percent tuition increase to 6 percent - a move that could save students about $150 this year.

“MSU has been at the forefront of this issue and tuition will be lowered if this bill goes through,” said Jeff Ziarko, director of university, governmental and budgetary affairs for ASMSU.

After the tuition increase was implemented this year, the administration was forced to make some budget cuts. The increase in tuition was needed to secure the quality of education here at MSU, administrators say.

Ziarko said there is some definite support from the state Senate, and from there the bill would go to the House. He said students could receive a refund as soon as next semester.

“This is definitely going to help out this year and next year,” he said. “However, we could be facing the same thing next year in terms of a bad economy.”

ASMSU Academic Assembly Chairperson Matt Clayson called the bill revolutionary because it will help all public universities in the state. And he said ASMSU has never saved students this much money before.

“This is going to save students a big chunk of money,” he said. “And working with the administration and other universities, we can make higher education favorable to all students.”

Computer engineering junior Eric Trower said he hopes the bill will go through.

“By lowering the tuition rate and getting the extra money, it will be a little easier to pay for tuition,” he said.


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