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Vanilla Rice and Racy Lacy know whats up with Saturdays games

August 30, 2001

Vanilla Rice and Racy Lacy know what’s up with Saturday’s games

The Spartans are undefeated, head coach Bobby Williams has only snapped at one reporter since school has started, and everyone’s gearing up for another exciting season.

In the meantime, fans are stuck with this week’s games, including those Wolver-weenies down the road. Here’re this week’s picks - bust out the chips, dip and beer, and get into pre-tailgating form. The Chips from Mount Pleasant are only one week away.

No. 22 Wisconsin at No. 7 Oregon

Wisconsin proved it’s tougher than Michigan by taking on two quality teams to start the season. Even though the Badgers got past Virginia Saturday, they are playing on the Ducks’ pond now.

Vanilla Rice: The speed of the Ducks’ receivers will fly past the Badger secondary even though they have a lot of experience, led by senior captain Mike Echols. Although Duck quarterback and Heisman candidate Joey Harrington mocked the MSU fight song two years ago while in East Lansing, I have to give him the nod in this one.

Wisconsin 24, Oregon 20

Racy Lacy: Believe the hype of Harrington - well, at least for the time being. Expect him to drop some bombs on the Badgers and make those cheeseheads reek in defeat all the way back to Madison.

Oregon 35, Wisconsin 10

No. 2 Miami at Penn State

Penn State will finish in the middle of the Big Ten this season and won’t be able to hang with No. 2 Miami. But once again, they can be commended for taking on such a hard team in the pre-Big Ten schedule.

Vanilla Rice: This game is a good chance for Penn State to climb up the rankings, but they’re playing top-ranked Miami. It’s not going to pay off for them in the end. Miami is too good on both sides of the ball.

Miami 31, Penn State 13.

Racy Lacy: JoePa soils his undergarments after a brigade of iced-out Hurricane pimps - in silver chains and dew-rags - throw gang signs and turn Happy Valley into “homie valley.” The locals, in frightened fashion, make the half-time switch from moonshine to King Cobra.

Miami 40, Penn State 14

Miami (OH) at No. 12 Michigan

Sans stars Drew Henson and Anthony Thomas, Michigan is inviting iddy-bitty little Miami to the Big House. Sometimes big teams like to beat up little teams just to have something to brag about at the beginning of a dismal season.

Vanilla Rice: Michigan should grow some, um, “manhood” and play No. 2 Miami instead of the team from Oxford. Not to take anything away from the Mid-American Conference, but Michigan has never put its pre-season ranking on the line and continues to play a weak pre-Big Ten schedule.

All-Big Ten senior linebacker Larry Foote is going to begin his break-out season Saturday.

This game will also be a test for quarterback John Navarre. Fans in Ann Arbor should have a good idea if Navarre will be able to make the grade this season.

Let’s guess he doesn’t.

Michigan 38, Miami (OH) 7

Racy Lacy: Suspended running back Kelly Baraka sparks up some doobies at the Big House and quarterback John Navarre plays a solid game against crappy competition. Ann Arbor hippies rejoice since it’s just another cupcake preseason game.

Michigan 44, Miami (OH) 14

Colorado vs. No. 24 Colorado State in Denver

This game is normally played a mile up in the Denver Bronco’s old home, Mile High Stadium. But this year they are going to break in the Bronco’s new home, Invesco Field at Mile High.

Vanilla Rice: After coming off a disappointing loss to Fresno State Saturday, there isn’t a chance of Colorado having another let down against its in-state rival.

Colorado 34, Colorado State 27

Racy Lacy: Colorado quarterback Craig Ochs torches a no-name defense for four touchdowns, but the Buffaloes roam back home with a loss after the Rams pull a comeback similar to what they did against MSU in 1998. I think former MSU head coach Nick Saban’s panties are still in a bunch about that one.

Colorado State 44, Colorado 28


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