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RHA still committed to goals, serving U

August 28, 2001

It’s a new semester and that means new faces, goals and attitudes for MSU’s Residence Halls Association’s executive board.

The university’s RHA is the largest residence hall association in the country and the second largest student organization on campus behind ASMSU, the university’s undergraduate student government.

Jeff Donofrio, the new director of public relations for RHA, said its main goal is to address the concerns and to be the voice for more than 14,000 undergraduate students throughout the 20 residence halls on campus.

The organization also voices the concerns of the hall governments, the caucuses, the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students and the Council of Progressive Students.

“We’ve re-committed ourselves to serving our constituents,” Donofrio said.

Donofrio added that part of the $21 undergraduate students in the residence halls pay each semester for RHA’s services goes toward special events and programs set up by the association and for payroll. A portion of the money also goes toward student groups who request financial assistance and hall governments, he said.

RHA sponsors four programs, which board members say better serve students in residence halls.

The most recognizable program is RHA movies, which include weekend movies at the Campus Center, Channel 12 movies and movie rental offices in various halls. Other programs, such as State Walk, offer on-campus nighttime walking services, while RHA Recycling promotes student involvement in preserving and protecting the environment.

Josh Minor, RHA’s internal vice president, said he hopes to get all the hall governments up and running as soon as possible and improve on the services they currently offer.

“We hope to provide more services for students on campus and make sure they know their money is being used for the most beneficial purposes,” said Nick Kovacic, RHA’s president. “As well as making our current programs more effective, we are also excited about starting up our new ones this fall.”

This year RHA introduced a minority and progressive affairs position, held by Paul Spann.

Kovacic said this position will remove some of the responsibilities of the external vice president by specifically focusing on the needs of the caucuses and minority groups on campus. The external vice president position, which has dealt with hall governments, caucuses and minority groups in the past, will now focus solely on the needs of hall governments, he said.

“There is no current external vice president as of yet, but once we get one, we will define his or her responsibilities more precisely,” Kovacic said.

One of the upcoming events RHA is working on is the 2001 RHA Leadership Conference, held Sept. 22. The cost is free and is open to anyone involved in leadership positions within the residence hall governments, caucuses, CORES and COPS groups.

RHA meets every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., and the first meeting will be held Sept. 5 in Akers Hall.


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