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Peepholes show residents new view of dorm safety

August 27, 2001

Knock knock. Who’s there?

Students living in the dorms can now have the satisfaction of knowing who’s knocking at their doors now that peepholes have been installed in just about every dorm room.

The installation of the peepholes took place over the summer and was a result of careful deliberation among the Residence Halls Association, Residence Life and University Housing said Angela Brown, director of University Housing.

“We discussed safety awareness and created a safety committee, which reviewed night receptionist safety and overall dorm safety,” Brown said, adding that students have been asking for peepholes for years.

“(The peepholes) are great,” said Emmy Gregory, a pre-vet freshman. “I’m a new student, and I want to know who’s coming into my room. I definitely feel a lot safer.”

Zoology junior David Greenberg agrees.

“I have a peephole in my house, so why shouldn’t I have one here? As far as the cost goes, it’s a very minimal price we have to pay to insure our maximum safety,’’ he said. “If the school did a survey on peepholes, I’m sure most students would agree that they’re necessary.”

Jeff Donofrio, director of public relations for RHA, said the group passed a resolution calling for the peepholes.

“As advocates for students, we really lobbied and pushed for it, working closely with Residence Life and University Housing,” Donofrio said. “We had to make sure it was a viable solution to student safety, and it is something that is essential to a students privacy.”

Although most students may think the newly installed peepholes are necessary, some students didn’t even notice them.

“I didn’t even notice them until now,” said Casey Madura, a human biology junior. “I don’t really think they’re necessary for the guys’ floor, but they are more important on the girls’ floor.”

Madura added he knew half of the people on his floor, so peepholes weren’t a priority for him. But he said he understood why freshmen would need them.

“The peepholes are good for the new students, since most of them don’t know a lot of people, they need as much safety as possible.

“They need to know who’s on the other side of their door.”


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