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Breslin offers e-mail updates for events

July 5, 2001

Have you ever missed an event at the Breslin Student Events Center because you didn’t know about it, or you found out about it, but it was too late to get tickets?

Political science junior Blane Emery has. So has Kalamazoo College sophomore Abha Kundi.

Emery said he and his brother Thomas wanted to go to a Pearl Jam concert a few years ago at the Breslin Center, but it was too hard to find tickets by the time they learned of the show.

“I’ve looked for shows online before,” Emery said. “But most of the events I went to at Breslin, I heard about from other people.”

Kundi has been to a few shows at Breslin Center, but she also says she has missed some that she would have like to seen.

“It seems like it’s really hard to find information about what shows are playing,” she said.

That might change though, if people take advantage of Breslin’s new e-list.

Bob Felt, the marketing and communications consultant for University Services, announced June 27 that Breslin is now offering a list of current and upcoming events at the center through e-mail. It is Breslin’s newest attempt to improve the way it announces events.

“With so many people using e-mail, we thought a listserv would be the perfect way to target our customers,” said Julie Kipp, Breslin marketing and sales coordinator.

The e-list is regularly mailed to subscribers, and includes dates, times and details of events that will be held at Breslin. It also includes ticket prices and information on how to purchase tickets.

The e-list will contain information on all events the center holds, including concerts, family shows, sporting events and special guests.

“Basically, this is to find out about all of (the events),” Kipp said. “There is no distinguishing on this list, whether it is a wrestling show or an upcoming speaker.”

The e-list is free and available to anyone with an e-mail address.

“Enter your e-mail and your name and boom, you are all signed up,” Kipp said.

For more information on subscribing to the e-list, go to


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