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Fathers Day gift: picnic or power tool?

June 14, 2001

When Sonora Smart Dodd thought of the idea to honor her father, William Jackson Smart, she kept in mind how special her father was to her. She wanted him to know she appreciated all of his parental sacrifices.

Instead of just giving him a material gift, she gave him a holiday.

Father’s Day was created in Spokane, Wash., on June 19, 1910. It was later declared a permanent national observance, for the third Sunday in June, in 1972 by then-President Nixon.

Father’s Day has been celebrated nationally for 91 years, and many people honor dad with gifts of love or acts of service.

Some have opted to leave the planning up to their father.

“We’ll do whatever dad wants; it’s his day,” said incoming freshman Erika Bawtinheimer, who was cruising Grand River Avenue with her parents, Charlie and Norma Bawtinheimer, on Wednesday.

Bawtinheimer said her family will probably do some traveling, have a picnic and look at boats. Charlie Bawtinheimer was content with “ just having the whole family together.”

Others are searching the stores for that perfect gift.

Elementary education senior Angela Caudill decided to support her father’s hobby.

“I got him a card and I am going to Sears to get him some type of tool,” she said. “He’s really into that kind of workshop stuff.”

For MSU students, paraphernalia always makes a great gift.

Mathematics junior Katie Caudill will be supplying her dad, who is a big MSU fan, with new toys to play with.

“I’m getting him more MSU decals for his car; he’s really into flags,” she said. “He sticks them wherever he can - his car, the lawn


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