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Bosses Day contest invites university employees to recognize supervisors

June 27, 2001

Is your supervisor exceptionally skilled or sensitive to your needs? If so, nominate him or her for the first annual MSU Supervisory Award, sponsored by MSU Child and Family Care Resources.

The prize is meant to reward bosses who have demonstrated sensitivity toward managing the professional and personal demands of their employees.

“We’ve had some nominations and the response has been favorable,” said Lori Strom, coordinator of Child and Family Care Resources. “(The intent of the program) is to recognize people that support well and have sensitivity to family and personal issues.”

Strom said the university recognizes its employees have lives outside of their jobs, and they need flexibility to deal with family issues.

Nancy Sanchez, a clerical and technical specialist for MSU Human Resources, said whomever wins the award will get a boost in morale.

“Hopefully other supervisors will strive for it,” Sanchez said. “They will think it is really important. I would nominate my supervisor.”

Nomination forms were distributed throughout campus in May and the deadline for entry is July 13. In addition to the nomination form, two letters of support from separate people must accompany the application.

The award is open to every supervisor on campus, regardless of his or her position or the position of the nominator.

“One of the nominees is a dean, which is kind of surprising,” Strom said.

She said opening the award to everyone on campus is meant to emphasize that the supervisor-employee relationship is a team effort.

“We want to give the winners a nice prize that is suited to them individually,” Strom said. “But we want to have everyone in the office involved to encourage teamwork.”

The supervisors do not know they have been nominated. Strom said the winners of the award will not know until the prizes are given out on National Bosses Day, which is Oct. 16.

A Bosses Day committee, comprised of seven people from various campus departments, will decide who wins.

Jodi Roberto Hancock, a member of the committee, said there are certain qualities the committee members are looking for.

“We’re looking for creativity, flexibility, openness and understanding,” Hancock said. “Effective communication, not making exceptions for people and creative problem-solving are important.”

Hancock emphasized the importance of flexibility in a supervisor.

“Flexibility leads to good commitment, morale and teamwork,” she said. “If employees feel they have the support, then they are more dedicated, put more into (their jobs) and are more willing to work late. It also helps to retain employees.”

Sanchez said people realize supervisors have a hard job to do.

“They have a heavy load to carry,” she said. “We always hear about the problems that arise, but you don’t hear the positive stuff. We need to let them know that this is important.”

For more information, contact Strom at 432-3745, ext. 146.


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