Monday, November 29, 2021

Weekend proves U acts with class

This past weekend, after what many believe was the worst loss of the season for the MSU men’s basketball team, the reaction and behavior of the students truly did exhibit the motto, “Spartans act with class.”

This year, being the two-year anniversary of the March 27-28, 1999, riot, many speculated a loss might cause problems in the streets of East Lansing following the game. However, this year was different as there was a Final Four loss, but no riot.

It is my hope that now after two successful years of good behavior and celebration, the riot talks and rumors will finally be put to rest. I hope we will not see pictures of the destruction of that fateful March night in ’99 in the papers and on the news each time an MSU sport is honored or participates in an important game. It’s time the media moves on rather than feeding off this event that is in the past. MSU is no longer represented by that standard - we have overcome that night and have gained a much more positive image.

I feel we have shown what we are and I wish the negativity associated with the riots would be forgotten and the positives of our school and community would shine through. But in order to do that, the students and the community must continue to behave and continue to show signs of maturity and dignity.

Some may not know, but the University of Maryland - one of the four schools in the Final Four this season - rioted after its loss to Duke University following the MSU contest Saturday night. The destruction wasn’t nearly as severe as our riot of 1999; however, it looked just as foolish. Let us learn from not only our own mistakes, but others’ as well. We can live up to what we believe in: “Spartans act with class.”

Eric Hauss
advertising junior


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