Monday, November 29, 2021

Union gives grads way to be heard

Amidst all the discussion about the issues raised by the upcoming Graduate Employees Union election, believe it or not, there is perhaps a point that may have been overlooked.

We’ve heard and thought about so many issues lately. Concerned graduate students have been voicing their opinions through The State News, via e-mail, in person and numerous other ways on all sorts of issues concerning their assistantships. And we’ve all been presented with many viewpoints, from all sides, on each of these subjects. We’ve been talking to each other, and we seem to have a lot to say.

Now let’s say it to the people who can affect our jobs: the administration. This is what the union gives us - a voice.

GEU gives us a way to discuss our concerns with the administration. Of course we need to talk to each other in order to stay informed. However, let’s not overlook the fact that in order to actually make any changes, we need to require the people who have the power to make these changes sit down with us, listen to us now - if they so choose - but what if they don’t? The union gives us a method, or a legal process, which ensures our concerns are heard.

So as you continue to think about the upcoming election and how you feel about GEU, perhaps you’ll consider my point. Is your voice being heard?

Kimberly Yake
mathematics graduate student


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