Monday, November 29, 2021

Stop eating at corporate chains

Because of an excessive amount of online bagel trading, Bagel Fragel will be closing down (“Bagel Fragel to close down,” SN 4/19). Just kidding. In fact, this is a reversal of the Tower Records-Videos-Books fiasco (“Tower to close, blames Napster,” SN 4/13).

Tower is a corporate chain that sells overpriced music and is being put out of business by independent music stores that charge half as much. Bagel Fragel is an independent deli being put out of business by a corporate chain that sells overpriced bagels.

In New York, you can get a bagel with cream cheese for 75 cents. That’s a real, huge, actual bagel, not the minuscule imitations sold at Breugger’s Bagels - which go for almost $2 if you get one with cream cheese. Why on earth is a bagel cheaper in New York than it is in Michigan? Especially when it’s better? But I’m quibbling.

The point is, there isn’t any rhyme or reason to anything - chains go out of business, independents go out of business and the only common thread is that people are causing it through their consumer habits. If you want Bagel Fragel to stay, stop buying Breugger’s.

It’s just as simple as that - and your wallet will thank you.

Steve Soldwedel
journalism junior


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