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New RHA president shares goals for future

Next week on April 11, Nick Kovacic the newly elected RHA President,will begin his term for the upcoming year. The group met on Wednesday in 132 Hubbard hall for a meeting. —

Nick Kovacic’s term as the new president of the Residence Halls Association doesn’t begin until Wednesday, but his goals for the 2001-02 year are ready for action.

Among them, Kovacic said he wants students to view RHA as an organization committed to serving and representing them.

“If students have issues or concerns about anything, they should be able to come to us,” Kovacic said.

“Whether the issue is funding, caf food, peepholes - we’ll get it done.”

Kovacic also stressed that as president, he hopes to increase RHA programs and services, such as helping to build a new Multicultural Center and continuing town hall meetings with President M. Peter McPherson in residence halls. Kovacic also wants to explore the possibility of RHA-sponsored free student ride days with the Capital Area Transportation Authority.

“The RHA needs to show that we are providing services for the tax money we receive - not just using it for ourselves,” he said.

Kovacic, a communication sophomore and currently the external vice president of RHA, has been a member for the past two years.

He will spend seven hours per week this summer meeting with administrators and preparing programs for the new year.

“We’d like to improve our working relationship with governments, caucuses and minority groups as well as between administration and students,” Kovacic said.

RHA Internal Vice President Jim McEvoy said he believes Kovacic will do well as the new president.

“I think he’ll do a fantastic job listening to his constituents,” said McEvoy, a psychology junior.

“He really knows how to take concerns seriously.”

Kovacic said he considers the biggest successes of the RHA this year to be working for the installation of peepholes in the residence halls for Fall 2001, as well as coming out of the estimated $30,000 debt caused by to bookkeeping errors that greeted RHA in the fall.

“We dealt with the debt constructively, alleviated it, and had a carryover,” he said. “Saving money was amazing considering where we were, and we were able to keep our programs at the same level that they were last year.”

RHA Adviser Jane Olson said Kovacic will bring a good amount of experience to the position.

“Nick has a high interest and enthusiasm for the RHA,” Olson said. “He is very concerned that the RHA represents students and student issues.”

Dealing with student apathy toward the organization also concerns Kovacic, who said motivation starts with the hall representatives.

“The only way you’re going to get more people involved is by making it more important in their lives,” he said.


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