Monday, November 29, 2021

Love for hockey is not racism

I’ll have to agree with Lance Brinks (“Diversity not a hockey issue,” SN 4/5). The idea that hockey is somehow racist is absurd. Just because basketball is more accessible doesn’t mean hockey is racist. There is no such thing as a “black sport” or a “white sport.”

There are many black hockey players. When I was a freshman at MSU, Anson Carter was the captain of the hockey team. He happens to be black as well as being one of my favorite NHL players. I like him not because he’s black, but because he’s a good player and a former Spartan.

The real racists in this country are the radical left. They have a cute trick, they support racist policy and if you disagree with them you’re a racist. They’ve been pulling this stunt with affirmative action for years. R.B. Haley (“Basketball more accessible,” SN 4/4) is trying to do the same thing with hockey.

If you like basketball you’re not a racist, but if you disagree with Haley and like hockey then you are a racist. Of course, enjoying basketball doesn’t make you a racist; neither does enjoying hockey. But if you disagree with Haley and the left then you are a racist. It’s utterly absurd.

When are we going to realize race doesn’t matter? When will the liberals at MSU tire of complaining about racism that doesn’t exist? When will we realize the dream of a colorblind society? It certainly won’t happen as long as the left and Haley are spouting off on college campuses. Perhaps there is a racist hiding in Haley’s refrigerator - he better go check.

I for one will support my alma mater, no matter what sport it happens to be playing. Perhaps Haley should get some school spirit. I think Haley would be much better served spending his time cheering for MSU rather than looking under rocks for racists that simply don’t exist.

Steven Birn
2000 graduate


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