Monday, November 29, 2021

Freedom of speech is for everyone

In response to the letter written by Anthony Kendall (“Original messages were offensive,” SN 4/20), I would just like to say that on a campus containing diverse people with equally diverse beliefs, sensitivity to differences is vital.

Freedom of speech is also vital and some will say that where the two conflict, there is no right or wrong solution. However, I think freedom of speech that has respect for others is the intended way to exercise this right.

Peaceful messages that do not threaten another group have no reason to be defaced. If those who defaced chalk messages used their time to promote their own beliefs rather than attempt to discredit the beliefs of others, they would most likely find a more positive response to their ideas from others.

I’m not a law student, but I’ve never understood exercising one’s freedom of speech to include inhibiting the freedom of speech of others.

Heather Haller
biology sophomore,
University of Michigan


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