Monday, November 29, 2021

Blame shared by walkers, motorists

As a student here at MSU I frequently walk to class, work and around Grand River Avenue - just like a majority of the other students here on campus.

More than once I have witnessed a few close calls between people who are walking and people who are driving. Just last weekend, my roommate and her friend barely avoided a car that went over the curb where they had just been standing before crossing the street.

However, some of the close encounters may have more to do with the pedestrians than the drivers, as was probably the case with the girl who was hit outside the Engineering Building a few Fridays ago. She crossed in front of a bus and was struck by an oncoming car in the next lane that was unable to see her in time.

I think drivers and pedestrians should pay more attention when they are out this spring. Drivers should obey the speed limits, and keep an extra eye out for people crossing the streets.

Walkers need to use a little more common sense too. Walkers need to wait for buses to pass by before crossing, and even though pedestrians are supposed to have the right-of-way when crossing the streets, they must realize that doesn’t mean a driver will always see them and have enough time to react. So students, when you are driving or walking, please take extra caution out there.

Elizabeth Manning
general management freshman


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