Monday, November 29, 2021

Basketball more accessible sport

I don’t follow hockey and am a basketball fan. However, as an alumnus, I am proud of Ryan Miller and coach Ron Mason for what they’ve done for the university.

It’s just a fact that basketball is “perceived” as more accessible to the general public and therefore, more sellable. Most men and women have played basketball at one point or another in their lives. Most people, however, haven’t played hockey, or can even ice skate for that matter.

Also, doubly unfortunate, is that any discussion raised because of Michonne L. Omo’s column (“Frozen Four is as important as Final Four,” SN 3/27) is bound to ignite racial tensions as one sport is viewed as a “black sport” while the other is viewed as a “white sport.” I feel that, although blacks tend to dominate basketball on the court, whites are not made to feel uncomfortable as either players or fans the way blacks are vis-


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