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ASMSU elects new chairperson; members confident in decision

April 17, 2001
Kendall Sykes (front) erases his name under the headline ASMSU Student Assembly Chairperson as Quinn Wright writes his. Wright was elected as the new chairperson Thursday by the Student Assembly and will be in charge of all matters concerning the assembly. —

Despite competing against four candidates, Quinn Wright said his confidence in winning ASMSU’s Student Assembly chairperson election never faltered.

Wright, a communication sophomore, was selected as chairperson for the assembly’s 37th session Thursday.

“Honestly, I saw myself as the most qualified person,” Wright said. “If I did not think I was the most qualified, I wouldn’t have ran for the job.”

And as his term begins this week, the newly elected chairperson said his certainty will continue, backed by his experience as a College of Communication Arts and Sciences representative.

“I am confident that I will be an electrifying chairperson,” said Wright, who has served as a representative for three sessions. “I have seen how things work at ASMSU and how things should work.”

Still, Wright said confidence alone will not make him an effective chairperson.

“I know how to lead leaders,” Wright said. “I know how to be part of a team and I know how to lead a team.”

“I want everyone to understand they are going to work hard.”

In addition to more teamwork, Wright said other goals include broadening the organization’s focus.

“My main goal is to turn ASMSU into a forum that students can utilize and one they can turn to if they want to get something done,” Wright said.

Some Student Assembly representatives said while all five candidates had their strengths, Wright had the required personality and background to be a chairperson.

“It wasn’t an easy decision by any means, but I think he really comes across as a strong leader,” said Missy Kushlak, a College of Veterinary Medicine representative. “He has been a very active rep, he really knew what was going on.”

Wright’s predecessor, departing Student Assembly chairperson Kendall Sykes, also said he has faith in Wright’s ability to be a chairperson.

“Quinn embodies a lot of the qualities it takes to be a chairperson,” Sykes said. “He has a drive to work for students and knows the organization inside and out.”

“He is a step ahead of where I started.”

As Wright takes his place at the head of the Student Assembly table, Sykes is ending his service with the university’s undergraduate student government after four years.

Sykes was elected last year after serving two years as the chairperson for ASMSU’s Programming Board.

“I learned how to be patient and I learned maturity and how to be reserved,” Sykes said of his term. “I learned that what I said mattered.”

Under Sykes’ direction, the Student Assembly dealt with controversy involving editorial control of the Red Cedar Log yearbook, furthered the campaign to eliminate sales tax from college textbooks in Michigan, and passed a bill calling on Olin Health Center to refer MSU students to clinics that provide abortion pill RU-486.

“Overall, Kendall was a good chairperson,” said Mike Ehlers, a former College of Social Science representative. “He did a lot to motivate the representatives.”


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