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Ruff Ryders first lady establishes staying power

March 21, 2001


Eve has finally stepped out of the shadows and into her own.

The now established artist has proven herself to be the Ruff Ryders’ first lady, and a leading lady in the hip-hop industry.

With her debut release, “Eve-Ruff Ryders’ First Lady,” she proved she’s not the average female emcee and continues the trend in her sophomore album, “Scorpion.”

And after the poor second attempt from the Ruff Ryders in “Ryde or Die Vol. 2,” the first lady is helping return control to their camp.

Her first single is a catchy tune, in which Eve lets the world know of her return. “Who’s that Girl,” a bass heavy dance track - produced by Teflon of the Ruff Ryders - combines Eve’s smooth lyrics with high horns and Jamaican steel drums.

Although the album begins with the upbeat dance tempo of “Who’s that Girl,” it isn’t a good track to describe the project.

In fact there isn’t one track that can describe her album.

Each song has a unique style, like Eve, and that is what intrigues listeners and makes the album so attractive.

In “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” Eve addresses the industry. And lending their talent to the track are No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani and Grammy award-winning producer Dr. Dre, who created the mellow track with relaxing guitars and West coast style that leaves the listener in a musical daze.

But the West coast track master and punk rocker aren’t the only big names to help with “Scorpion.”

The Ruff Ryders’ Da Brat, Trina, Teena Marie and Daman, along with Stephen Marley, aid in making her album a hit.

“Scorpion” couples good lyrics with great tracks and will make any hip-hop fan bob their head.

Unfortunately, the album fails to grab the listener like “Eve-Ruff Ryders’ First Lady.”

But because Eve isn’t afraid of taking risks by speaking her mind about the industry, female rappers and relationships while being a representative for the Ruff Ryders, her album is solid.

“Scorpion” is sending a striking message to the hip-hop industry that female emcees can hold their own in a male-dominated field.

And Eve is doing more than changing her hair color from red to blonde - she is changing the face of female emcees by setting trends instead of following them.


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