Thursday, December 2, 2021

More coverage needed for hockey

I agree with what Michonne L. Omo said about the Frozen Four deserving just as much attention from The State News and other newspapers as the Final Four does (“Frozen Four is as important as Final Four” SN 3/27).

When I walked into Wells Hall on Monday morning, ready to grab my copy of the paper, I expected - or at least hoped - to see a paper with equal billing for MSU’s men’s basketball and hockey teams. Why not just cut the front page vertically down the middle? That way, neither team would have had “top billing” and everyone would have been happy.

As it was, basketball got about three-fourths of the front page, and hockey got a little blurb. True, hockey got the sports front, but why not do the same in both places?

I definitely think our teams, which both put in a tremendous amount of effort and have been doing just about everything right this season, should be covered equally and given equal respect.

Don’t take anything away from basketball: That would defeat the purpose. However, hockey has done just as well as basketball so far this year, and it deserves as much recognition as basketball does.

Hanna O’Neill
German sophomore


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