Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Bush is paying off national debt

I’m responding to Dan Austin’s column, “Tax cut money should be used to pay off debt” (SN 3/21).

Just so you don’t get brainwashed by what you read, President Bush is paying off the national debt. In fact, he is paying off all the debt that can be paid off in the next 10 years.

When the United States borrows from overseas banks, there are substantial penalties if the loan/bond is paid off before it expires. So in the meantime, while the debt is being paid down, more money is being spent on education than ever before. There’s money left for a tax cut - and there’s nothing “sneaky” about it.

Austin may not want more money in his pockets, but the rest of us will take it. After record amounts of taxes and spending in the Clinton administration, the people will be better able to decide how to spend their money than the government can.

It’s nice to finally see a president come through on his promises.

Jason Ahrens
food industry management junior, MSU College Republicans chairman


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