Monday, September 20, 2021

More prominence for Earnhardt

I have one question. Is the death of Dale Earnhardt not more important than a seminar or the growing availability of services available online?

As I picked up my copy of The State News on Monday, I scanned the front page, figuring there would be an article on the death of one of the most important drivers in NASCAR history and one of the most successful athletes of the century. When I saw there was not, I figured it would be on the front of the sports section, but once again - to my surprise - it was nowhere to be found.

Finally, I found a small article describing his death. I do not understand why you did not find this tragic event more important then second page news.

If Michael Jordan or Barry Sanders would have died, I have no doubt in my mind that you would find a place on the front page for that story.

NASCAR attracts a huge amount of fans, young and old, and deserves more coverage by The State News. Here’s a suggestion. Try putting important news on the front page - not just any article to fill a space.

Lindsay Martin
animal science sophomore


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