Monday, September 20, 2021

Legislation does not stop abortions

I am writing in response to the “No Surprise” editorial (SN 2/19) written by the editorial board, concerning abortion rights in Michigan.

The editorial board believes the Legislature has gone too far in its measures to hinder abortion. They believe “those opposed to abortion have made it a morality issue, and it is unfortunate that morality, a subjective entity, is getting in the way of the rights of the people.”

In response, I place a few questions to the editorial board. What objective “truth” are the rights of the people based upon? Are the “rights of the people” a law of nature, like gravity, inseparable from our existence? Or are the rights of the people based on shared beliefs rooted in our common thoughts of right and wrong? If this is the case, then we voice our shared beliefs by voting in legislators that represent us as provided by the constitutions of our nation and state.

Now our conservative Michigan Legislature, popularly elected by those in Michigan of similar beliefs, has chosen to make certain steps necessary to obtain an abortion. These include the 24-hour waiting period, a ban of Medicaid coverage for abortions and a parental consent law.

The first law says those who wish to have an abortion must consider for 24 hours their choice to terminate a possible human being. Does it prevent abortion from occurring? No.

The second provides for those who do undertake this decision to undertake a personal sacrifice in order to have a abortion. Are people still willing to have an abortion despite the cost? Of course.

Finally, is it unreasonable to have minors, who are children, consult the most influential and experienced people in their lives before making a decision that could result in severe psychological and emotional stress? This is not unreasonable, but rather prudent. In any way do these laws prohibit abortions from occurring? I think not.

So then the Legislature, the representatives of the people, are expressing nothing more than that one can have the choice - given the introspection - people think abortion deserves.

For our sake, for our rights, I am glad introspection is desired.

Dwayne Cherry
political science and
pre-law junior


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