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Public forum to discuss why Gore lost presidency

January 31, 2001

Although many in the nation may believe Al Gore was robbed, a forum will take place this week to try to prove it.

Brian Kalt, a professor at MSU-Detroit College of Law, will present a discussion forum entitled “Al Gore Was Robbed ... By His Lawyers” on Thursday.

The event, hosted by the Federalist Society, a DCL student organization, will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Castle Board Room on the third floor of the DCL Building.

Kalt said he thinks poor legal strategy cost former Vice President Gore the presidency.

“They thought that they could win by proceeding a certain way and they were wrong,” Kalt said.

“If he wanted to win, he would have had to adopt a legal strategy that matched his public rhetoric of counting every vote.”

Kalt said he hopes to help clarify the country’s electoral system.

“I hope they would take away from it a better understanding of the way the system is supposed to work,” he said. “You rely on the local canvassing boards and the state officials and the courts.”

Kalt also said he expects a lot of discussion to follow his presentation.

“I expect there will be a fairly long question and answer period,” Kalt said. “I feel that’s just as important as what I have to say.”

Jeff VanderLaan, president of the Federalist Society, said he expects a good response to the event.

“I think the title has caught a lot of people’s attention and made them interested in attending,” the third year law student said. “There will be some good dialogue.”

The event also has the attention of some President Bush supporters.

Jason Ahrens, chairman of the MSU College Republicans, said that while he’s happy with the way the election turned out, he still plans on attending.

“It definitely sounds very interesting,” the food industry management junior said. “If I was on the other side of the spectrum, I’d maybe want some clarification.”


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