Monday, January 25, 2021

Christ deserves day off like MLK

Here at MSU we have received the second Monday of spring semester off for three years to honor Martin Luther King Jr., but not once since I’ve been here have we received one day off to honor Jesus Christ, probably the most important civil rights leader of all time. What about Good Friday, or any other day for that matter?

MLK was a great man, and there is no reason not to honor him with all the celebrations that take place here on campus. I do believe, however, being the religious man MLK was, he would be spinning in his grave to hear that we would honor him before Christ.

He fought just as hard for equality amongst races and he inspired even greater masses of people to such a degree that he had 12 disciples follow him everywhere, and eventually died in his name. Did MLK have disciples?

And regardless of religion, you have to admit Christ was a great man, whether he was the son of God or not.

I’m not a bracelet-wearing religious fanatic who believes everyone should celebrate Christianity or whatnot - not that there’s anything wrong with those people, wherever you may be - I’m merely pointing out that what MLK did 30 some years ago, Jesus did 2000 years ago, and we even based a calendar upon it.

No one should take this as a racial indignation of some sort, because I believe, as do many other educated people, that Jesus Christ was black. If you think about it, there are not many Caucasians who are native-born into the Middle East. Why would Jesus Christ be any different?

The excuse that we receive a break during Christmastime doesn’t exactly cut it, either. Christ’s birthday is probably the last reason we receive a break during that time. Besides the fact that it falls nicely between semesters, everyone’s family is home and going to class in the cold sucks.There are so many people who attend this university who are not Christian, it is ridiculous to say winter break has anything to do with Christ. He wasn’t even born in December, anyway.

So, in conclusion, I, along with many others, will not be participating in MLK Day events until Good Friday or any other designated day remains class-free to honor the original civil rights leader, Jesus Christ.

Eric Bjornstad
telecommunication junior


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