Thursday, November 26, 2020

Voting rules arent brand new to U

It utterly amazes me that some people on this campus do not know about the new voter registration law. I was first informed of it almost two years ago, and since that time it has been covered in The State News at least once a semester if not more. MSU and several other colleges from Michigan have been fighting it to no avail. People alluded to it when commenting about being required to fill out census forms in East Lansing.

The secretary of state even took the liberty of changing the addresses of the people registered or reregistered this year.

I believe your voter registration address must always match your current address from which you are voting, so if you move you should update your registration.

I, too, first complained about the inconvenience of this new law to students, but I came to realize the only way I would be heard was to deal with it for the time being and comply with the law so I could vote against it if even given the chance.

Thanks to my interest in paying attention to current events in this world, I was informed. It is no wonder politicians of this country disregard our views - the majority of the time it seems most of us don’t pay attention.

Alison Gould
Spanish junior


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