Thursday, November 26, 2020

Voting process is still easy on U

This is in response to Jim McEvoy’s letter (“Rogers has made voting difficult,” SN 11/1). He states that Sen. Mike Rogers wants to pass a law that would require people to vote in the district that is on their driver’s licenses. McEvoy’s conclusion is that “the voting age has been effectively raised to 22.” This could not be further from the truth. First it allows those of us with long and heavy class loads today to vote before then, at our leisure. This law would significantly reduce vote fraud.

McEvoy also claims that it becomes harder to vote because of “all kinds of absentee voter ballot paperwork,” and that “filling out all the paperwork for an absentee ballot is difficult too.” Let me clear this up. The application is a simple one-page paper that asks for your name, address and a few other identification items. The absentee ballot is basically the same as the ballot you would fill out at a voting booth today. We can register to vote and fill out an absentee ballot application at any secretary of state office regardless of the district we are voting in. The only reason left not to vote under this new system is laziness, and the only difference here is if where you vote is closer than the secretary of state office.

Ryan McKennon
human biology senior


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