Thursday, May 13, 2021

Texas governor is not half-witted

I found Jessi Phillips’ column in The State News to be completely offensive (“;U.S. Electoral College is not popular way to elect” SN 11/13). I would like to start by addressing her blanket statement that everyone who votes for Texas Gov. George W. Bush is “dumb.”

First of all, only about half the voting age population voted and about half of that went to Bush, making somewhere around one fourth of the country “dumb enough to vote for such an uninspiring, unprepared empty suit,” not half the country that you suggest.

I voted for Bush because I have a fundamental, heartfelt belief in the American people. I feel that if given a chance, the people in this country can and will spend their money in their own best interest better than the government could for them.

Now if that makes me dumb, so be it. The fact is, we pay the highest non-wartime tax rate in history. I currently work two jobs to pay my way and I know that under Vice President Al Gore I would not get a tax cut.

As it stands, I haven’t gotten all my federal income tax back in years. With Bush in, I would no longer pay a federal income tax, giving me more of my own money to spend in a way that directly affects me. Again, if that makes me dumb, so be it.

As far as the Electoral College is concerned, it’s not going anywhere. If the Electoral College is removed, then we will be left with a government that is run by New York and California. The majority of both parties agree that this election is not cause enough to destroy our system.

Getting back to my main concern, maybe you, Phillips, should try and get to know some Bush supporters before you label a quarter of the country dumb. You might be surprised to know that we aren’t all the rich, powerful elite that the media likes to portray us as.

Bryant Miller
chemical engineering senior


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