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Patrons upset over late arrival of gym equipment

November 2, 2000

Misled members of the new Powerhouse Gym are now guided in the right direction under new management.

The gym, 435 E. Grand River Ave., opened at the end of August promising members a place with both Nautilus and cardiovascular equipment - the latter of which had not arrived at its opening.

“All (the Powerhouse Gym) locations are individually owned and Powerhouse International does not have anything (directly) to do with problems,” said Chad Remley, a representative from Powerhouse International and the new manager of the East Lansing location. “Powerhouse International sent me to get the club up and running, and make sure everything’s complete.

“We don’t want clients upset.”

Since the gym’s opening, many members were continuously told the cardiovascular equipment would arrive within a matter of days.

“In the contract we signed it said cardio and weights, and it took two months to get them in, and this was a breach of contract,” said Minna Hindo, a business law sophomore. “We didn’t want to hire a lawyer and to go to small claims court and get our money back, because we decided it wasn’t worth it.”

While Hindo was upset by the delayed dates, Josh Berg, a political theory and constitutional democracy sophomore, said it didn’t bother him.

“Everyone I know is upset that (the cardiovascular equipment was) not here, but I’m not,” he said. “I don’t join (a gym) just to ride a treadmill.”

Remley said the gym is trying to reshape the club’s image.

“What happened was so many stories and so many lies were told,” he said. “I think they will be happy to have someone telling them the truth.”

With the newly arrived cardio equipment and a new pro shop, Powerhouse Gym’s remaining steps to completion include a paint job and the installation of the sound system, both of which are scheduled to be finished in two weeks, Remley said.

Hindo said she plans to continue working out at Powerhouse, but only until her contract is terminated.

“I won’t sign a contract with them next year,” she said.

The unsatisfied members switched to other locations, such as Gold’s Gym, 4790 Hagadorn Road.

“We have a lot of people switching here,” said Lisa Yaek, manager of Gold’s Gym. “I haven’t heard a whole lot except that there are not a lot of members (at Powerhouse), and it’s too expensive.

“I’m not complaining though.”

Clients like Jesse Lafer, who are paying for memberships at Powerhouse, are just happy the cardiovascular equipment is there.

“The new management is a lot more productive than the previous ones,” said Lafer, a computer engineer senior. “The (cardiovascular) equipment matches the quality of the weights, and now I feel like I am getting what I paid for.”

Remley is confident the gym will get its reputation back up in the community.

“The name is the only thing that is the same,” he said. “We are trying for a more personal approach and getting more involved with the members.”


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