Thursday, November 26, 2020

Football is not a leading killer

In response to Greg Brown’s letter (“Football is killing country’s youth,” SN 11/6), was that letter a joke? Do you honestly believe that since 11 students died out of the hundreds of thousands of students that engage in high school football daily, that we should eliminate it? People die playing golf, hockey and baseball. People die walking their doggies.

What is this “evil” you speak of? This regulation that you want where the government should step in and provide training and registration, is the most absurd thing I have ever heard anyone say and mean it. I think you should get hundreds of hours of training from the government on how to operate a bike safely, since many more people die in bike accidents than football. What about the 100 or so deaths that occur each year from left-handed people using tools and equipment meant for right-handed people? I know it sounds crazy, but maybe you have a point. It’s true. It happens, but that’s life.

I think Brown is holding a grudge over being cut from the sewing club back in high school and blames it on the athletes who work hard to play and do what they love. I never played high school football, but I do engage in athletics that require physical contact and that’s my choice. I would like to see you tell that to the MSU football players’ faces who are living a dream. If you’re worried your children will die, don’t let them play ball. Sign them up for accordion lessons. Maybe if you can get some people to help advance your cause, I doubt it, but if you can, I hope you’re laughed right off the front steps of the state Capitol.

Steve Milkiewicz
communication junior


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