Thursday, November 26, 2020

Florida voters are not at fault

I’m a hard-core Democrat, and happen to be very proud of it. What I am not proud of is the many people who make false claims that they want fairness. What’s not fair is that there are a number of people in Florida who swear they were confused. How dare anyone say “well they shouldn’t be so stupid.” That’s craziness - the last time I checked, a high IQ wasn’t a requirement to vote.

When the ballots are designed, they should be made so anyone and everyone can figure them out. It makes no sense to have Vice President Al Gore listed second but to have his punch hole third. Nobody can argue for that. Of course, Texas Gov. George W. Bush’s voters had no problem because his hole was evenly aligned with his name.

As for asking poll workers, they know nothing but to tell you to get back into your booth. I’ll admit bias in the regard that I don’t want Bush to be president, and I shed tears when I thought he’d won, but the fact remains that if people are honestly confused, nobody has the right to insult their intelligence. Who should be insulted are people who feel they have the right to assume the Florida voters are stupid and rob them of their highest right - voting. How would you feel if an entire arsenal of people went on television and called you dumb?

Kymi Toliver
journalism junior


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