Thursday, November 26, 2020

Electoral College is part of country

I am writing in response to all of the letters and columns against the Electoral College. The Electoral College is far better than the popular vote for deciding the president of our nation. If the presidential election had been decided by popular vote, we would currently be locked in a national recount.

The Electoral College is designed to keep larger states, such as California and New York, from forcing their will upon smaller states. The needs of citizens in large cities are far different from those in rural areas, which supply much of our food. Although a vast majority of Americans live in cities, they should not be able to impose their choice upon rural citizens. In fact, the Electoral College allows more sparsely populated states to have a slight edge on more densely populated states. Both candidates understood this before the election.

A change in the Electoral College would require a two-thirds majority to pass Congress and then be ratified by the states. This will never happen. The smaller states will never consent to giving up their power to the large states. The Electoral College is here to stay.

Benjamin Greathouse
biosystems engineering junior


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