Thursday, November 26, 2020

Bush brings poor record to country

In response to two letters disagreeing with the intelligence level of Texas Gov. George W. Bush and his supporters (“Bush supporters are not dumb,” and “Texas Governor is not half-witted,” SN 11/14), I’d have to say I question what media coverage you’ve been watching.

I assume you’ve at least heard of some of the public fumbles Bush has committed. I know you’ve heard he used a term, “fuzzy math,” which in actuality is nothing more than statistics based on demographics. Then there’s the fact that Bush was asked to comment on his past in reference to any substance abuse. All he said was that there were things he had done which he regretted.

Gee, this sounds like someone I want running the most powerful country in the world. Someone making overly vague statements about very straightforward questions. Sure, Vice President Al Gore may exaggerate in his answers, but at least people know what he’s talking about.

Now, I’ve heard people use the argument that Bush is “more human” than Gore. I don’t know about many other people’s opinion on this, but I think the expectations of the head office in the land should be a lot higher. Bush has led Texas into a social hole, and if he can’t perform a decent job at the state level, I shudder to think what he’ll do on the federal level.

Take into consideration that only three presidents have been elected to the presidency without winning the popular vote. All this took place in the 1800s and none of those three accomplished anything of note. History is not on Bush’s side for an effective presidency if he does win. I don’t like Gore, but I do think he’s a lesser of two very evil evils - Nader did cost Gore the election.

Adam Shinabarger
geological sciences junior


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