Thursday, September 24, 2020

Votes for Nader support Bush

Yeah, I went to see Ralph Nader at the Auditorium the other day. He’s great. I’ve seen him many times. But I’m voting for Vice President Al Gore.

Why? Because there is too much at stake and we’ve been burned by this scenario before. I’m old enough to have lived through this twice. In 1968 “Clean Gene” McCarthy ran a third-party bid to the left of Hubert Humphrey, and damaged him enough that we ended up with Richard Nixon. In 1980, John Anderson ran as a liberal alternative to Jimmy Carter and we ended up with two terms of Ronald Reagan.

No one could claim that either of these protest votes did anything to advance progressive policies in this country. Quite the contrary.

Politics is the art of achieving the impossible. Gore isn’t perfect, but having him as president rather than Texas Gov. George W. Bush would make a huge difference on a number of key issues, including the environment and a woman’s right to choose.

Gore is the most pro-environment candidate ever to run on either major party ticket. That’s why the oil, coal and chemical industries are working so hard to defeat him and put their guy in the White House. How ironic if the “Green” Party was to cause Gore’s defeat.

Please, if you are progressive and want to support Nader, send a contribution to his organization. But for the issues you believe in, cast your vote for Gore.

Marty Kushler
1975 alumnus


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