Saturday, October 24, 2020

Racism wasnt a factor with rock

After reading the article about the MEXA-fraternity incident (“Fraternity paints over heritage message on rock,” SN 9/25), I was completely disgusted with what has been said by those on each side of the quarrel. Sigma Alpha Mu President Ryan Beal was ridiculous to bring up the Jewish Holocaust in the same sentence as the rock painting. I know he was trying to defend his fraternity, but come on.

I am not in a fraternity nor do I have many friends in fraternities, and certainly what they did was inconsiderate. But for MEXA to scream “racism” is the weakest way to go. MEXA could have just as easily wrote “Jerks” or “Your frat sucks,” but to hit them low, to call them racists is completely uncalled for. What if the National Panhellenic Council had painted the rock? Would it still have been a racial issue? No way. It would have been paint on a rock.

MEXA’s feelings were hurt that their hard work was painted over before people got to see it the next day. However, there was no underlying racist motive. It was paint on a rock.

Justin Reynolds
no-preference sophomore


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