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City council to discuss patrol car computers

October 17, 2000

The East Lansing City Council will discuss several issues today concerning the transfer of funds to the East Lansing Police Department for vehicle improvements.

The council may approve a contract in the amount of about $248,000 to install Mobile Data Computers in 14 patrol cars. The computers would allow the officers to transfer data to the station without having to use radios.

East Lansing police Capt. Juli Liebler said the improvements will bring the department up to date with technology.

“This way will make our lives easier and will be more efficient,” Liebler said. “Now we use only one radio frequency, and on busy nights it gets clogged.

“This way, we won’t have to wait for the line to free up.”

The council will also approve acceptance of a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice in the amount of $125,000 during the next three years for a program called COPS in Schools, which is an agreement with the police department. The money will fund an officer to work full time at East Lansing High School to implement security, bring in speakers and work as a liaison between students and officers.

“This will get students involved in the community, not be as apprehensive around officers and let the officers monitor security a little better,” Liebler said.

Another contract acceptance in the amount of $26,700 will be used to hire a records clerk.

Also, East Lansing residents Paul and Linda Roberts will be honored by the United Nations and the city in their efforts to promote world peace, justice and freedom. They will be awarded the Citizen of the Year Award by the council.

The couple has been affiliated with teaching and helping students as much as possible. Many international students have been welcomed into their home, making it possible for international students to study in East Lansing.

There will also be a public hearing about an ordinance to make it a misdemeanor to let any person under the age of 21 into a restricted liquor establishment.

This means that instead of bartenders being responsible for serving minors, the bouncers will have just as much responsibility for making sure those who are underage stay out of East Lansing bars and from drinking alcohol.


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