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State House to vote on higher education bill

September 25, 2000

Lawmakers will be addressing key issues this week in the state House and Senate - most notably, the bill to fund higher education for the next fiscal year.

The state House is expected to vote on a budget bill that will appropriate $1,838,900,562 to Michigan’s 15 public universities. The dollar sum includes $3.9 million the state will receive in federal appropriations.

Highlights of the spending include the state’s appropriation of $313,576,982 for MSU, $347,332,770 for the University of Michigan and $244,018,391 for Wayne State University.

  • The Senate is slated to open debate on a bill that would carry a $1 million fine for phone companies that have long delays on installation and repair work.

    The fines would be imposed when customer service is not provided in a timely manner.

    The bill states response times to customer service inquiries shall not exceed 36 hours. In addition consumers would receive pro-rated credit equal to the time their service was out.

  • The House Energy and Technology Committee is expected to take up legislation that would regulate telephone solicitation.

    The proposed bill would issue regulations concerning the business week - Monday through Friday - and outlaw solicitations on weekends and holidays.

    Legislation could include outlawing automatic dialing and announcing devices from selecting and dialing phone numbers.

    The bill could also force telemarketing firms to show their phone numbers on customers’ caller IDs.

  • The Senate Transportation and Tourism Committee will meet Tuesday to begin debate on a bill prohibiting riding in the open beds of pickup trucks.

    The bill states a person shall not ride and an owner shall not permit a person to ride in the open bed of a pickup truck on a highway or any other place open to the general public in a city, village or township.

    One possible stipulation in the bill would allow riding in the bed of a pickup during a parade if given the proper government permit.


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