Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Comic should be stripped of date

Why is it that every weekday I see Charles Schulz’s signature on a comic with the current date? Hasn’t the man been dead for more than half a year? This is really creeping me out. Did he write and date comics years in advance, or is someone else just putting today’s date on a comic strip he wrote months or years ago? Either way, it’s quite disturbing. Either this man spent a great deal of time cranking out strips that he never lived to see published, or someone is taking the liberty of redating a deceased man’s work. I’m confused.

While I’m on the subject of comic strips, has anyone else noticed that the two new ones suck? “Captain Spirit” comes off as a bad rip-off of “The Tick” and “Studentangle” is just plain bad.

As a student struggling with literacy, the comic section is my main draw to the newspaper, so these issues are very important to me. Maybe you can’t do anything about the two new strips, but please tell me what is going on with Charles Schulz’s dating from beyond the grave.

Robert Harris
zoology sophomore


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