Wednesday, February 21, 2024

U guys arent as bad as letter said

I am writing in response to Tom DeKorne's letter (“‘U’ women are not always nice,” SN 9/22). In it he basically said that only shallow, one-night-stand-seeking guys go to bars or parties. Well thanks for judging every male at such places, DeKorne. I hope that nobody reading your letter took that part of it to heart. I frequently go to bars and parties with my friends, to hang out and have fun. I’m never looking for a girl to hook up with. Should I end up talking to one, it’s not with cheesy pickup lines or sexual innuendos. And should I ask for anything, it would be her phone number, not a meaningless fling.

Just because I go to bars and parties, does that mean I can’t notice a girl’s eyes, face and hair before her body? Does it mean I can’t smile at a girl without having sexual intent? Does it mean I can’t see an attractive girl without yelling rude “compliments” or trying to grab her? No. I’m not like that, and neither are many of the other guys at bars and parties. You might be surprised how many guys out there are looking for exactly the same thing you are - a long-term relationship with a nice, sweet girl. And you just might be surprised at where those guys choose to hang out on the weekend.

Mark Pulver
computer science senior


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