Wednesday, February 21, 2024

U also should be careful by cars

I was considering writing a letter about driving on campus. When I saw the front page of Thursday’s edition of The State News (“Student concerned with ‘U’ traffic, SN 9/21), it made what I had to say much more important.

I drive on campus, as well as drive with my friends on campus. And while I agree pedestrians have the right of way, it’s ridiculous what some people do. While stopped at a stop sign, I have had bikes come railing off the sidewalk and nearly into the side of my car on two occasions.

As for pedestrians, I have had them step off the curb nearly in front of my car without looking or caring in non-cross walk areas. There is also the issue of intersections. The intersection by South Kedzie Hall and the Auditorium is by far the worst. The reason why is that drivers who stop can’t turn right while there is a red light. This is to protect pedestrians. Walkers and bikers need to pay attention to when they can actually cross under the pedestrian light, because cars have to get through that intersection as well, and people trying to turn right often wait through a few cycles because of people walking when they are not supposed to.

Bottom line, I am from Chicago, where on several occasions in the last year people have died when cars hit them because of road rage. Not even an accident. My high school assistant principal’s son was killed in this manner. People driving need to recognize that pedestrians have the right of way, but pedestrians need to understand that that right is not always absolute, and that cars have the right to get around campus as well. Without this understanding, I feel something similar to incidents in Chicago could eventually happen.

Sarah Nevins
biochemistry sophomore


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