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Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Canine Companion

Everyday, Officer Erich Vedder and his partner patrol the streets of East Lansing, but he is not the kind partner you’d expect. He has fur, barks and has a nose for crime, literally.

“I’m always covered in dog hair,” Vedder said.

Diesel, a German Shepherd from Hungary, is his current four-legged friend. “If there’s a bomb call that goes out, […] we’ll probably be the ones responding to it,” he said.

The pair go everywhere together, including home after work, and even on vacations. That kind of closeness forges an unbreakable bond between officer and canine.

“It’s that bond that is great in the beginning, but also kind of makes it tough in the end.” said Vedder, who had to make the hard decision to put down Dellos, his first K-9 partner of almost 10 years.

As the memory of Dellos lives on, Diesel has now assumed the responsibility as Vedder’s new partner. Like before, the new K-9 team continues to keep the streets safe.

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