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Monday, April 21, 2014

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I applaud Mr. Dunnings and Chief Dunlap for making use of this online format for offering corrections and clarifications. I did the same thing a couple of months ago when quoted for an SN story.

It is high time these forums take on the role of letters to the editor, instead of being wasted on childish name calling. Sadly, journalism has deteriorated (some think bloggers are doing the job of a free press better than the main stream media), and fact checking by citizens is becoming more and more necessary to democracy.

However, as critical as I am of poor reporting (and the poor education of reporters—MSU does not have a course in investigative reporting), I do think we need to recognize that State News reporters are students, as are their editors. I’m sure my late father-in-law, a meticulous editor who could find numerous errors in my most polished writing, would have noticed Ms. Wilkins error, but in this day and age, we see these kind of mistakes all the time in the New York Times.

Posted by Eliot Singer 09/09/10 1:32pm.

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